How to Your Boost Credit Rating in 3 Ways


Maybe you’ve made major financial blunders that led to a bad credit score. Maybe you lost your job and was unable to pay your credit card bills. No matter the reason for your poor credit rating, there’s really only one best way to deal with a bad credit score. Deal with it head on. In short, improve it and below are three ways to help you kick thins off:

Apply for a credit card

This advice may sound counterintuitive. Why would you apply for a credit card when you’re trying to improve your credit score? It’s because a bad credit credit card paid on time and used properly can do the trick. Apply for a card offered especially for consumers with bad credit. The interest rates may be higher than usual but it’s sure is a step closer to your goal.

Keep your charges to a minimum

Once approved for a credit card, it does not mean that you can go ahead and enjoy a shopping spree. If your goal is to improve your credit score, there’s one simple rule you need to keep in mind. Keep your card charges below 30% of your credit limit. Doing so will not only reflect well on your credit report but it also makes your monthly payments more manageable.

Pay in full and on time

Finally, always aim to pay your credit card bills in full each month. If you stuck with step two, this third and final step to boosting your credit score should be a breeze. Schedule your payments, if you’re opting for automatic debit deduction, a few days before your due date to be on the safe side. Then keep at it for the next 12 months and you should see some significant improvement on your credit score. The trick really at the end of the day is being responsible about your financial decisions.